The Creative Encounter

Meeting and joining an other; be it person or place, idea, image, or sensation; in openness, without judgment or expectation, intending for and allowing something new to be born.

AIM engages people in their own healing process through creative encounters involving one or more of the following:

- music, visual art, dance, poetry, creative writing

- life review, self-reflection, guided imagery, deep breathing, relaxation techniques, meditation, mindfulness

- massage, energy work, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, essential oils

Regardless of whether you are--

  • playing with clay, pastels, watercolors or pipe cleaners
  • making journals, junk sculpture or mandalas
  • arranging words into collage form, songs, or poetry
  • recollecting, reflecting, and writing freely
  • listening to strings, winds, or voices as you drift off into dreamtime
  • singing along or feeling a musical instrument vibrate in your hands
  • breathing more deeply, stretching your spine, or imagining a more beautiful world
  • telling your story, tears and all, to someone actively listening…

artists-in-medicine aim to engage you as deeply as possible in the creative encounter. By its very nature the creative encounter and creative process guide you into a state of heightened consciousness, a place of openness and renewed sense of possibility. In that place of heightened awareness you are given the opportunity to recognize and understand your own cultural and deeply personal conditions and challenges, the ability to re-story your life events, and the vision to imagine new possibilities and potential solutions.

Creative Encounters for Patients and Their Families

  • Nite Lite: late night music, art, and life review at the bedside for UNMH adult units and live harp music for UNMH adult intensive care units
  • Live music and open art studio in the UNMH Adult and Pediatric Emergency triage areas
  • Live music, poetry workshops, and open art studio for in-patient units at the Psychiatric Center
  • Live music, art, massage, and life review at the Cancer Research and Treatment Center (CRTC)
  • Special workshops and presentations for patient support groups

Creative Encounters for Medical Professionals

  • Roving Rejuvenators at UNMH: music, art, writing, yoga, and massage for medical professionals and hospital staff
  • Interactive workshops and presentations for nurses, physicians, and medical staff
  • All-day retreats for medical professionals

Creative Encounters for the Community

  • Multicultural dance and music concert series
  • UNM Arts-in-Medicine courses

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This project is made possible in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs,
and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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