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Bailey, Sally. The Arts in Spiritual Care

Carson, Cecile A. A Course in Nonverbal Communication for Medical Education

Clements, Paul T., et al. Cultural Perspectives of Death, Grief, and Bereavement

Heartland Hospice Training Materials, Buffalo, NY. Suffering


Lerner, Michael. Healing

May, Rollo. The Courage to Create

Morris, David, Chapter I. “Living Pain: Mystery or Puzzle” in The Culture of Pain

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). Energy Medicine, an Overview

Pier, Thomas J. & Kieffer, J. Russell. Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare: A Clinical Social Work Perspective

Remen, Rachel Naomi. Wholeness

Samuels, M. and Lane, M. How Healers Use Art, Writing, Dance, and Music
Samuels, M. and Lane, M. How Art Heals: The Physiology of Art and Healing

Seigel, Bernie. Detached Healer, Who is the Healer, Who is the Healed?

Sensitive Communication with the Dying



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