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Resources for Easing the Journey through Cancer
Recursos para Pacientes y Familias

Look Good. . . Feel Better / Mirese Bien. . .Sientase Mejor                                               272-4553
teaches women how to cope with skin changes and hair loss caused by cancer treatment

Arts-in-Medicine / Artes en Medicina                                                                               277-0404
provides creative encoun ters through music, art, writing, and storytelling

I Can Cope / Yo Puedo Manejar                                                                                      272-4553
An annual series of educational sessions for survivors, families, and friends

Education and Support Groups
Grupo de Educacion y Apoyo Para Pacientes y Familias                                                   242-3263
groups for survivors and caregivers co-sponsored by People Living Through Cancer

Comadre a Comadre                                                                                                       277-3243
one on one peer support for Hispanic women with breast cancer

Caminando Juntos                                                                                                          277-3243
support group for Hispanic cancer survivors and their families

Expressive Writing Group / Grupo de Letra Expresiva                                                        272-6575
expressive writing in a supportive group setting for cancer survivors

Social Services / Trabajadoro(a) Social                                                                    272-2688; 272-8735
Rod Touchet, Alice Conant, Wendy Hine (272-1789)– provide advocacy, emotional support, and resources

Financial Aid / Ayuda Financial                                                                                        272-0135
Roseanne Angon – assists uninsured patients to get financial aid to pay medical bills

Genetic Counseling & Testing / Consejera de Genético                                                      272-6545
Lori Ballinger – testing and counseling for patients who may be at high risk for inherited cancers

Nutritionist / Consejera de Nutrición                                                                                  272-6047
Karen Zahn – assists with managing the nutrition-related side-effects of treatment and healthy eating tips

Psychologist / Psicóloga                                                                                                 272-6575
Anjanette Cureton – provides counseling services to patients and their caregivers to assist with coping

High Desert Yoga                                                                                                            232-9642
free classes for UNM cancer patients & primary caregiver

Tuesdays 11:15-12:15 4600 Copper NE    Thursdays 11:15-12:15 1835 Candelaria NW

Community Educational and Support Resources / Rescursos de la Communidad

People Living Through Cancer / Personas Sobrevivendo el Cancer
3939 San Pedro                                                                                                              242-3263

American Cancer Society / La Asociacion Americana del Cancer
5800 Lomas                                                                                                                   260-2105

Cancer Information Service / Servicios de Informacion del Cancer                         800-422-6237

Cancer Services of New Mexico / Servicios de Cancer de Nuevo Mexico           259-9583

Leukemia Lymphoma Society / Asociacion de Leucemia Y Linfoma
3150 Carlisle                                                                                                            830-6040

Patient Education, UNMH / Informacion Educativa para Pacientes del UNMH         272-2340

Prostate Cancer Support Association of NM / La Asociacion del Cancer de Próstata
909 Virginia NE, #109                                                                                               254-7784

Southwest Lymphedema Services / Servicios de Linfoma                          
10409 Montgomery Parkway Loop NE, Ste 101                                                           323-8811

SPOHNC (Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer)                         681-1971

Robertson and Sons Violin Shop                                                                   889-2999 or 1-800-A-Violin

Ayuda para Personas con Cancer de la Boca, la Cabeza, y el Cuello

Brain and Spinal Cord. Org
Resources and Information for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Survivors

Transportation / Transporte

Angel Flight, www.angelflight.org  -free air transport to treatments                       888-426-2643

Corporate Angel Network - free air transport to treatments                                  866-328-1313

Road to Recovery - free rides to appointments                                                   260-2105

Housing / Recursos para Viviendo

Casa Esperanza (housing), 1005 Yale                                                               277-9880

Holland’s Rose / La Flor de Holland           132 Griegos Rd. NW                          345-2020

Legal Assistance / Assistencia Legal

Survivors of Cancer Advocacy and Legal Services (SCALES)                                242-3263

Pain Management / Manejamiento de Dolor
UNM Pain Clinic, 1213 University Blvd., NE                                                       925-4994

Southwest Regional Pain Management Clinic,
8005 Pennsylvania Circle                                                                                   248-0698

Complementary Therapies / Terepia de Alternativas

UNMH Section of Integrative Medicine                                                                 272-2147

Acupuncture / Acupuntura

Southwest Acupuncture College, 7801 Academy NE                       
free treatments for people with cancer                                                                  888-8868

UNM Family Health, Northeast Heights, 7801 Academy NE
available to any CRTC patient; need PCP referral                                                  272-2700

East West Acupuncture, Alexcia Trujillo, 135 Madison NE                                    265-6206

Japanese Acupuncture Center, Kazuhiko Watase,
457 Washington SE                                                                                           266-1752

Vitality Works, 126 Quincy NE  massage & other therapies                                   268-2772

Wei Zhou, 1330 San Pedro NE                                                                            265-5168

Community Art Centers / Centros de Arte

ArtStreet, 1st St and Mountain Road NW  free open studio                                     248-0817

Harwood Art Center, 1114 7th St NW  (scholarships available)                                242-6367

OffCenter Community Arts Project, 808 Park Ave SW
free open studio                                                                                                  247-1172

VSA's North Fourth Art Center, 4904 4th St N W
low cost Saturday classes                                                                                   345-2891

Body Movement and Yoga / Movimiento de Cuerpo y Yoga

High Desert Yoga                                                                               
free classes for UNM cancer patients & primary caregiver                                       232-9642

Ayurvedic Institute  11311 Menaul NE                                                                   291-9698

Kristine Maltrud  authentic movement, Caravan of Dreams Dance Studio,
139 Harvard SE                                                                                                   255-2727

Manzano Mesa Multi-Generational Center, 501 Elizabeth SE

free classes in Tai Chi and Chi Kung; ask for Jim                                                    275-8731

Silent Thunder Center for Asian Studies, 136 Jackson NE

classes in T’ai Chi & Chi Kung, taught by Taoist Master Mokurai                             265-3112

Karen Swift, movement therapist, PT, body-centered therapy                                   401-8206
T’ai Chi Chih Center, 3107 Eubank NE, #19

classes in T’ai Chi Chih                                                                                        299-2095

Massage Therapy / Terapia de Masaje
Betty's Bath and Day Spa, 1835 Candelaria NW                                                     341-3456

Crystal Mountain Massage School and Clinic
$25 intern treatment       4125 Carlisle NE                                                              872-2030

Healing Arts for Recovery, Diane Chase  art, movement, reiki                                   884-1820

New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics   $25 intern treatment     
202 Morningside SE                                                                                             268-6870

Seed to Earth Massage Therapy, Coyle Domina,
6208 Montgomery NE                                                                                           306-4475

Juan Carlos Zavala @ Center of Healing Arts,
416 Washington SE , Suite A                                                                                 453-0749
Other Therapies / Otras Terepias
Ayurvedic Institute, 11311 Menaul NE                                                                      291-9698

Center for Holistic Health, 8307 Constitution NE 
acupuncture, chiropractic, art therapy, massage, & more                                           883-1011

Valerie Clement, Associate Polarity Practitioner                               
St Joseph Square, 715 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Av NE                                               265-9000

Rita Crever  combines energy, neuro-muscular and massage                                867-8422

Earthwise Therapy Polarity Programs, 5517 Mountain Road           
student clinic with outreach program; free polarity treatments                                262-1711

Isis-Sophia Women's Health, 11930 Menaul NE 
nutrition and herbs                                                                                                   266-4050

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction,
UNMH Patient Education                                                                                         272-2340

Gonzalo Nava, curandero/energetic healer,   reiki and massage                                   261-5848

Reaching Out with Reiki   free or donation for cancer survivors                                     271-6900

Relaxation Training, Jean Stouffer   free or donation
403 San Mateo NE, Suite W-15A                                                                             269-8423

Tami Vaughn @ Cottonwood Polarity & Massage Therapy Clinic                                 306-3326

Disclaimer:   Please note that the above information is provided as a resource only.  The Arts-in-Medicine Program and UNMH do not recommend any particular practitioner or therapy.  Any additional therapies you choose should not take the place of medical care prescribed or provided by your medical doctor, and you should consult your doctor before pursuing alternative modalities.


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